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Wednesday, March 07, 2001

[9:32 AM]
On Sunday February 25 our Lab/Golden retriever, Guinness, went missing. We've been searching everywhere for him, putting up flyers, running ads in the local papers. We've walked and driven every conceivable path we though he may have taken and followed every lead from callers no matter how far fetched we thought they may have been.

Yesterday my wife contacted the "Dog Catcher" in our fair town and described Guinness. See we didn't know that the dog catcher(animal control) wasn't really hooked into the local S.P.C.A. like we thought they would be. Needless to say we received a call back within ten minutes from one of the gentlemen that patrols our streets looking for wandering animals. He knew the dog we were talking about.

Guinness was found dead in the street Tuesday February 27. He was four years old.

I don't envy any person with animals and children. Last night I had to tell our daughters their first every puppy had died, it was a long night.
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