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Friday, June 08, 2001

[2:09 PM]
Ever have one of those moments that makes you want to find the nearest rock and crawl under it? Well I just did, it goes something like this...

I'm sitting outside eating my pizza enjoying the sun. I notice a nice blue BMW coming toward me, it's the one luxury car I have a soft spot for, anwyay I'm checking out this car and notice that it's the dad of an old high school buddy driving the thing. Not bad I'm thinking, slick car. Just about that time the car passes by and as I'm turning my head back around to munch on my pizza, still making my "nice car" face, I catch the eye of a lady on the other side of the street, and she smiles! "Oh crap, she thinks I'm looking at her!"

Where's a rock when you need one...
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Thursday, June 07, 2001

[4:30 PM]
Howdy net neighbor,

I've made mention of Dave Winer on this site before, in fact Scripting is one of my favorite sites. Dave is a free thinker, a pot-stirrer, and all around good fella but this time he's gone way off the deep end. :-)

There's been talk about Microsoft smart tags floating around lately. They're nothing big and horrible that'll cause permanent damage to humans, or animals for that matter. They're just there to lend a hand when they think they can. They're not perfect by any sense of the word but the great thing is you can turn them OFF if you want to. No harm no foul in my humble opinion. The way Dave writes about them you'd think they were carcinogenic or something. Heck Dave I think cigarettes are much worse for people than smart tags. :-) Hey if you don't like 'em then don't use 'em, do you remember clippy?
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