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Friday, December 21, 2001

[11:39 AM]
Sites to visit

I don't know about you but I think BlackHoleBrain is too funny for words. He uses a bit of language, so youngins stay away!

Here's one outside the country, Woblog. This Rob likes to talk about the web and web services. I love his reason for doing the site, "Just because I want to"! Sounds like most webloggers I know. We do a LOT of stuff just because.

For you Manila lovers out there, and there are quite a few, check out Bryan Bell's site. He creates lovely Manila Themes.

Geeky Pharmacist + Palm == ??

My brother has turned into a Palm freak! He's been working on a real world application he uses every day in his pharmacy work. Here's the web site for it! Someone go buy a copy so he can do this stuff full time!
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[8:47 AM]
Movie line of the day

Ok so my movie line of the day wasn't a rousing success; I had one taker, my brother! Congratulations Jay you win the grand prize, nothing! The correct answer was "A Christmas Story". It's a wonderful movie your whole family can enjoy.

So here's todays lines, yes lines. There are two actors involved.

Actor #1: "Have you ever heard of Evil Knevil?"
Actor #2: "No, I never saw Star Wars."
Ok, what movie! Click here NOW to send in your guess! Please note that I will NOT give your name to anyone. I hate spam just as much as the next guy. So don't be afraid of sending in a response, really. Heck make a new Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail account and use that if you want to play.

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Thursday, December 20, 2001

[9:45 AM]
Movie line of the day

I think I may start something new on this site. My family and I love to quote movie lines then challenge everyone else to guess what movie it's from. Hey it's good cheap fun and it won't rot your teeth. So here's my inaugural movie line....

"You'll shoot your eye out!"
Ok, what movie! That's an easy one to guess, especially at this time of the year! So send me your guess, I'll post the answer tomorrow along with the name of the first person to get it right (if that's ok with you?). If you don't want your name posted just say so in the e-mail, I'll just post your name as Annie Mos A.K.A. anonymous.

Christmas Music

As I'm blogging I'm listening to good ole Bing Crosby's White Christmas. I don't know about you but I LOVE Christmas! For a change of pace try some Christmas music today.

Executive e-mail

When Visio was Visio and not a part of Microsoft it was company policy to shut down between Christmas and New Year. It was really nice and let you go have fun with family and recharge your grey matter for the challenges ahead. Well now that we're Microsoft we no longer have that benefit, that's ok mind you. I personally have more vacation time accrued than I could take! So I'm going to be taking a break during Christmas and I just might take off the first week of the new year! Anyway that's not what I wanted to share. Ted Johnson is a Visio co-founder and now a Microsoft Vice President. He hired me at Axon Corporation(Visio's former name) in early 1992. This man is driven, expects his people to perform, and has always had his finger on the pulse of what Visio IS. That being said he also has a sense of how important family and friends really are in ones life. Here's a snippet of an e-mail he just sent to everyone.

On a serious note, please use this holiday season to re-balance your work/life situation. Nothing we’re working on is as important as connecting with family and friends. Everything we’re doing will still be there on January 2 whether or not we work every day between now and then. Take some time. I will be. See you on January 2, 2002.
I'm glad we still have a man like Ted in charge of our Business Unit, I don't think most Microsoft Exec's are like him.

Merry Christmas Ted!

Young blogger

Patrick Scoble, son of the Scobleizer, is blogging now. He's seven years old and his site looks like it! Keep blogging Patrick, you've motivated me to finish my youngest daughters site!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

[10:55 AM]
Hey Google!

Oh no, it's a blogfly!
I'd like to see a new service from Google since they know web sites! What I'd like to see is an XML-RPC, or SOAP, service that would allow me to point to a web site and have all the links on that site returned to me. Now maybe something like that already exists, and it wouldn't surprise me if it did! The reason I want this service is so I could do a graphical I like pictures. I can understand a problem much better if it's drawn out. How this data relates to that data, how this piece of furniture will fit into that space. That's why I work on Visio. I'm into visualization! Richard and I have been bouncing around the idea of a graphical This would create a drawing showing how the sites that have recently updated are tied into each other. So if your site was linked to Scripting and both of you had recently updated you'd see a line draw from your site to Scripting. That's it! It would be a lose network, just like the internet, but on a small scale, only a few hundred items in the drawing. I don't want to have to write code that crawls web sites just so I can find links, Google already does that! I just want to use it! So if there's already a service out there that I don't know about please let me know.

Document/View Architecture

Mark, at diveintomark, has some talk about Document/View architecture. Visio definitely uses this as well as just about ever other design patter in the book Design Patterns. I think when you're building large products lack of infrastructure will eventually bite you on the behind! Document/View, or Subject/Observer, is a wonderful way to have multiple views into one piece of data. Just as it should be. I could blab about this for days, but I won't. Go read about it at diveintomark.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2001

[2:55 PM]
Visio Christmas

From the minds of Chris Roth and Matt Towers, both VERY early Shape Masters at Visio.

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[10:23 AM]
Bump in the night

3:45 A.M. I was awakened by a loud thud that sounded like it came from out in front of the house. Then I hear voices, laughing. I'm thinking to myself "Some kids are messin' with my truck!". So I get up and check outside. I don't see anyone mulling about and the dogs aren't even barking, weird. Buddy the dog next door barks at the drop of a hat, he must have been having some good doggie dreams tonight. I crawl back into bed and figure I'll find damage, if any, in the morning when the sun comes up.

4:00 A.M. Rinnnnnggggggg, rinnnnnngggggg!!!!! Kim and I both shoot up in bed. The fire alarm in the school across the street is going off. Kim dials 911. "Hi we live across the street from Lincoln School. The fire alarm is going off. Yes, ok... (She's being transferred) Hi, we live across the street from Lincoln School and the fire alarm is going off. Ok, uhh-huh, bye." She hangs up the phone and tells me that the school alarm isn't hooked into anything that would notify someone of a problem, they're relying on the neighbors to call. So about ten minutes go by, no response, then I hear a car accelerate past the house. Must be a cop and he's flying down the street. I'm thinking to myself "I'll bet those kids jumped the fence, broke into the school, and pulled the fire alarm lever." A couple minutes later I hear the low rumble of the fire truck's diesel engine outside. The dogs start barking, there's Buddy woofing his head off. Tucker and Bailey (our dogs) join in the fun. One alarm is turned off, the really LOUD one, but there still one sounding. This one was annoying because it buzzed, a real quiet buzz, just enough to register with your brain and not allow you to drift back to sleep. About five minutes later that alarm is turned off.

4:25 A.M. All is quiet now. There's no fire, probably just some kids raising kane. Back to sleep.

Oh, that thud I heard was the green waste can, two doors down, being knocked over. It was still laying on it's side when I took our oldest daughter to school this morning.


Our wood floors are really starting to take shape. I found out from the floor guy that they're made of Douglas Fir. I didn't know they used that for flooring? After they coat it it'll have a pinkish-red tint to it. They're going to be beautiful. And by the way, we can move our furniture back onto the floor by Saturday. Phew! Maybe we'll be able to put up our Christmas tree after all!

Exeter's Murals

Exeter has really revitalized it's downtown over the past ten years. Part of that revitalization included painting murals all over downtown. When a new mural goes up people come out in droves to see it. In fact Exeter was featured in the April 2000 issue of Sunset Magazine because of the murals. If you're ever in the San Joaquin Valley, near the Sierra Nevada, pay Exeter a visit. You won't be disappointed.

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Monday, December 17, 2001

[5:10 PM]
Christmas Shopping

Well wish me luck! Kim and I are off Christmas shopping tonight! We have to go again because of my ankle injury. DOH! I couldn't hack more than a couple of hours last week, crutches are a big pain in the butt!


Well it looks like our floors are going to take A LOT longer than expected. When I originally talked with them they said they'd have them covered by today. Nope, sorry, please try again. Now it look like we're not going to have shiny new floors until at least Friday! GREAT, where do we put the Christmas tree now? Let's see it takes seven days for the floors to dry and you're coating them on Friday? Hmmmmmm you do the math! That means Christmas morning is going to be spent on our bed, the entire family. DOH! My wife is loving this. Hang in there honey, they will look great when they're finished.


No not the automobile. Last night when we got home we discovered that our Lab/Golden Retriever was missing. That's right good ol' Tucker decided to go out on the town. We couldn't find him last night but Kim was able to recover him today, at the pound! Poor fella had to spend the night in jail! That'll learn him!
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[10:15 AM]
Nutcracker and Candlelight

Yesterday the entire family went to see the Fresno Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker. It was a real treat, and something we try to do every year. Our first trip to see it performed by the Fresno Ballet was in 1999. We missed the 2000 performance because I had to make a trip to Seattle for work, bummer. I must admit as a whole we all thought the '99 performance was MUCH better than this one. Too many young dancers that made some glaring mistakes. The orchestra was wonderful and in my humble opinion performed better than the 1999 orchestra. They have a new conductor at the helm, that may explain it. Anyway we really did have a great time! We'll be there next year.

Afterwards we visited my brother and his family. Jay was showing off his new big screen TV. It's pretty darned sweet. We watched a few choice scenes from The Matrix. Nice. His surround sound gives you that theatre like setting, right in the comfort of your own living room. All we needed was some popcorn and a sticky floor and we'd have been set.

We went to my brothers church and saw their annual performance called Candlelight. In this case Candlelight 2001. What a wonderful performance. This church is really blessed with talent. The orchestra and choir were top notch and the drama was outstanding! They even mixed in their dance troop that featured some wild gymnastics, wheel-chair dancing, and developmentally disabled children. Those kids had the biggest grins on their faces. They were loving ever minute of the performance, and they did a WONDERFUL job mind you!

In my opinion Candlelight out-did The Nutcracker.

Jay, A.K.A Jerry to the rest of the world

My brother just cracks me up. He says my site makes me look 'gay' because I use emoticons on it. In his words "If someone who doesn't know you visits your site they're going to think you're gay Rob." That's just too funny for words. Can your site make you out to be something you're not just because of a few funny looking icons?

Jay part 2

While we were visiting my brother gave me a look at the Palm application he built. It's actually quite nice for a novice developer! The UI is clean and easy to use and it does just what he built it to do. What that is I'm not entirely sure because it's for his Pharmacy use, ack! If I'm not mistaken it's some kind of drug cook book? Is that right Jay? Anyway he needs to publish a page with some screen shots and an explanation of what it is and sell, sell, sell! I'm sure fellow Pharm geeks would salivate for such a useful tool.

Blogger woes

Blogger is still going through some tough times, I'm composing this post in notepad waiting for it to come back online. I hope it can survive and be stronger because of the changes they're making. Like I said the other day; keep it up Evan you're doing a great job!
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