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Friday, January 25, 2002

[3:13 PM]
Around the web

Blogger Pro goes live!

Greg Franklin promised to download and plug the Visio Viewer when it went live, he must have done a great job because we've had over 102,000 downloads since 12.13.01. WOW! Hey thanks Greg!

MacScripter.Net: "A fantastic story of how AppleScript helped keep sensitive data from the prying eyes of a thief and helped recover a stolen iMac." - This is just lovely, really. Gotcha!
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[1:12 PM]
Darn! Missed One!

I failed to acknowledge a correct guess for Movie line of the week from Mr. Alwin Hawkins! I guess I'm gonna have to get a bit tougher with my lines, here's what he had to say.

Army of Darkness. Next?
Sounds like a challenge to me! I'll see if I can come up with a tougher one next week. Thanks for playing. I got five answers, most I've ever gotten! Yee-Haw!
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[9:30 AM]
Nice touch

Last night the girls and I took Kim out for dinner for her birthday. We went to a steak joint Kim and I love and the girls have never been to. After we'd ordered I snuck off and told the waiter it was my wife's birthday so they could bring her some desert and sing Happy Birthday. After we'd finished dinner Kim decided she was going to ask for the check because she thought she could just sneak outta the joint before one of us mentioned it was her birthday. HA! We were already ahead of her! The waiter strolled off and came back a couple of minutes later with a bowl of ice cream with a candle on top. She turned RED right away, but the waiter pulled a quick one. He walked right by the table like he was taking to the three guys next to us, stopped by the table, turned around, and set the bowl of ice cream right in front of Kim. Then he asks for everyone's attention! By this time there was a large party across from us, must be here for a convention or something. The waiter proceeds to ask them to sing Happy Birthday to her, and the whole room broke out in song! It was fun, but poor Kim turned scarlet. She'll never forget it I'm sure, and neither will the large party of folks that sang to her. After dinner she had the waiter send over a nice bottle of wine. Nice touch honey, really nice.

Movie line of the week answer

The answer to "This is my boomstick. It's a twelve gauge, double barreled Remington pump. Next one of you primitives touch me..." is Army of Darkness. We had four folks answer it, and even though she was the last to answer my lovely wife is the winner! Ya ya I know it's rigged, but yesterday was her birthday after all! Ben Padilla, Tyler Love, and Mr. John Gossman(John doesn't have a blog, GASP!) all guessed correctly. Let's give 'em a nice round of applause...

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Thursday, January 24, 2002

[3:58 PM]
Code fun

Well we're getting ready to kick a new version of the Visio SDK out the door. Today the team has been playing with a Release Candiate that'll hopefully hold up under the stress. Since .NET is out it looks like we'll be providing a .NET Interop Assembly for Visio. Hey all you C#/C++/VB.Net managed code geeks out there get ready! I've been messin with the Visio.Application object all day today. I finally had to go write some code to generate C# stubs that will let me test each and every Property and Method. My fingers were beginning to hurt! The cool thing is you'll be able to write a Visio Solutions Library(.VSL) that'll be able to hook into a .NET assembly. It works, really it does. I'm not sure if we're including an example of how to hook the two together but I could always post something here if folks are interested. If you're a VB coder you're really going to have to give C# some strong consideration as your daily coding language. Pssst; if you haven't heard it's a lot like Java, but keep that to yourself.
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[8:51 AM]

Happy Birthday Honey!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Kiiiiiiiimmmmmm!!!! Happy Birthday to you!

As you can see it's my wife's birthday! If you know her, and just happen to be reading this site, give her a hug and wish her happy birthday!

Movie line of the week

Since it's my lovely wife's birthday I'll pick a line from a move we both enjoy quoting.

"This is my boomstick. It's a twelve gauge, double barreled Remington pump. Next one of you primitives touch me..."
Ok quick! What movie. Send your guesses here. I WILL NOT SHARE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS WITH ANYONE! NO-SIR, I PROMISE!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

[3:44 PM]

CNet News: "Bezos: Back on top" - Excuse me but shouldn't that read something more like.... Bezos: Finally did what he promised to do and made some money!

Speaking of Amazon, have you ever heard of Mike Daisey? No? Well it's time you met him.
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[3:27 PM]

Richard has been playing with C# and the .NET framework for quite some time. They're using it at his place of work for some backend componentry, anyway.... He's been playing around with raw IL, being the sprocket head he is and all, and wrote up a little article on what he's discovered.

Hey Mr. Gossman if you're reading this you should hire this guy just for the pure fire he'd bring to the table. I'm trying to convince him he needs to move to Seattle and come to work for us. He thinks we need to grow the Visalia office, I kinda like that idea.
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[11:44 AM]
Fun with Visio

If you're a Visio user and would like to have a bit of fun generating drawings give this a go. This drawing will automagically generate Spirograph like images for you, just follow the directions to the left of the drawing. It's primed and ready to create one right when you open it. So give it a go! Please note that Visio will warn about the drawing containing macros so if you want to try it you'll have to click the "Enable Macros" button. Enjoy!

I've placed it in a .ZIP file so Visio (or the Visio Viewer) won't try to open it. Just unzip it to get started!

Here's a sample, and here's another one.

Thanks go to Mr. David Cole, he created it and said I could post it!
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[10:01 AM]
Hey Baby it's cold outside....

Brrrrrr! Here in the San Joaquin Valley we're not used to cold temperatures, it's usually quite the opposite. Our summers are extremely hot! We had over 30 days above 100 degrees in 2001. But today is NOT one of those days! When I left the house this morning at 7:30 it was 30 degrees. The farmers are not going to be happy about that.

Morning code activities

Well I haven't written any code this morning. I've been goofing around with a bunch of autobuild scripts a friend gave me. I think I have them wired together properly now, so while the build is churning I'm blogging! They're really quite nice because they produce an HTML file that is automagically opened when the build is complete so you can see what the heck happened. Ahhhhh ain't it grand. It's funny how the simple things in life excite me, I guess that's a good thing... right?

Golf, Visio style!

Here's another picture of the Visio office for your viewing pleasure. On every floor there is a putting green near the stair well. These putting greens are a source of much gambling! Just about every evening there is a group of guys that gather to play the small course for cash! I'm not mentioning any names here to protect the innocent, but you know who you are! Anyway... The idea is to tee off of the green, get around the stair well, and back to the green. Pretty simple. If you're feeling brave you can do the long course and play around the entire floor, which is actually my favorite way to play. Anyway here's the picture.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

[3:37 PM]
Seattle Pictures

I've been meaning to share these pictures for quite some time. They're of the Visio Seattle offices. The first one is facing south toward downtown, the second is looking out the sixth floor window into the Puget Sound. Enjoy!

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[12:55 PM]
Funny stuff

CNet News: "In a potentially costly development for companies distributing music online, has agreed to settle a patent infringement suit brought against it by digital music company Intouch Group." - Amazon bit by the patent bug! This is really funny because Amazon enforces a patent that is so lame I'm amazed there isn't prior art to overturn it! Don't even get me started on patents. Ack!

CNN: "Kmart files Chapter 11." - WOE! That's a real shocker, where the heck will you get your bluelight specials from now on?
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[9:06 AM]
Good Mornin'

I had high hopes for today. I'm one of those people that will probably have a bad day if it starts off bad, which unfortunately it did this morning. We opened a new account over the holidays and got our nice little ATM cards in the mail a couple of weeks back. Since we really hadn't started using the account I decided not to put the card in my wallet. Bad idea. Now I can't find the *##@$%^@#&# thing! I wanted to activate it this morning so I could start using it and just cannot remember where I put it. My memory stinks! Junk like this always happens when I have to run off to Seattle. I think Gremlins sneak into the house and move stuff so I can't find it. I have a feeling it got tossed in the trash along with the envelope. What a pain in the butt. Kim is trying to find it, I certainly hope she does. I hate having to order new cards. The last time this happened I NEVER received the new card, luckily it was on an account we don't use very often so I didn't worry about it. This time it's on a brand spanking new account, that stinks! To top it off I forgot to grab a deposit slip so I could change over our automagic deposit to the new account, for the second day! Little junk like this is enough to push me over the edge. I'll be a grump all day now....

So it's funny being part of a large organization. I've found that the only way we find out things is by reading CNet News, or the like. Like the announcement this morning about us laying off 150 employees in our TV unit, that is if they can't find another job within Microsoft. That's news to me.

If you're like me you must wonder why the stock market works like it does. Microsoft announces record revenue and the stock goes down. Amazon announces that for the first time in the history of the company they've made a profit and their stock price goes up. Hey people I'll bet they don't make a profit next quarter! Amazon began business in 1995 and promised to make a profit in 2000, but that's another story. I guess you can chalk it up to sour grapes. Companies should NOT be allowed to be traded publicly until they can operate with a profit for some period of time. That would have saved TONS of investor money during the dot com boom(I use that word lightly here). I hate Amazon, my pet name for it is Lamezon.
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Monday, January 21, 2002

[5:06 PM]

Let's have a warm welcome for Mr. Ben Padilla, coming to you live from Visalia California....

It's about darned time Ben! Better late than dead.

A nice little iMac/Luxo Jr. short for y'all.
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[3:19 PM]

On Scripting Dave has been wondering why you should do WSDL for your site. He kind of answers his own question here. I think it's just a productivity thing. It makes it easier, especially in IDE's that understand it, to get up and running. Visual Studio.NET does an excellent job of using references to WSDL. No way do you need it, no sir. It's just nice when you're trying to figure out a new interface. VS.NET will pop up tool tips that show you the arguments to functions. Those of us that have lived in a Microsoft world for quite a while have become accustomed to our environments helping us with out Typelibs, and now we have it with WSDL. Give it some time and someone will create one for Manila and give it to you Dave.

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[10:26 AM]
Whoops, need to make some corrections

Greg Franklin has a picture of Bomps the cat on his site, but it's NOT his cat. It's Ma and Pa Franklin's kitty, or Greg's brother! I see how it works now, sorry for the goof Greg.
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[9:20 AM]
Good Mornin' Y'All!

Well I made it home safe and sound Friday evening, late as usual! We actually left Seattle on time and made it to San Francisco ON TIME! That's actually quite rare for this flight. It's gotten much better over the past year but in prior years it was only on time 8% of the time. Ouch! When I got to San Fran I made my way to the commuter terminal only to discover that my flight to Fresno had been delayed by about an hour! DOH! Figures, make it to San Francisco on time and twiddle your thumbs waiting on the round-tripper from Fresno. Oh well I made it home and that's what counts.

Sporting Weekend

I had to actually lug my butt outta bed on Saturday to go coach my girls teams. Yep we had basketball on Saturday, ahhhhhh basketball! It's so very rewarding to teach a bunch of young kids how to play a game. To be honest it's a lot harder than playing yourself. I can't even sit down while they're playing. My wife says the parents like to watch me instead of the kids. Hey I aim to please. Anyway I'm getting off track here. Both teams played their hearts out and won! Yeee-Hawww the first victory for both teams! The Liberty(3rd-5th grade girls) won 16-12 and the Rockers(6th-8th grade girls) won 26-16. I've been blessed with wonderful teams this year. The girls are attentive and give you everything they have on the floor. Give me eight girls with heart and I'll teach them how to play! Win or lose it's all good.

This weekend was a bad football weekend as far as I'm concerned. I was 0-4 with my playoff picks! KRUD! Did you happen to watch the Raiders game? They were robbed, bad call by the official that led to a field goal to send it in to overtime where the Pats won it. Oh well, we're still going to have a couple of interesting games next week. I'd have to say our final two teams will be the Patriots and the Rams, with the Rams winning the Super Bowl by 20.


Ever since my site experienced the Scripting News Effect I've received some e-mail from outside the norm.

Mike Jamieson: "Just for info sake.. I actually did the Radio Blogger API diagram with Omnigraffle for MacOS X. It was a quick attempt to try and check out the features." - Thanks for the info Mike, and the kind words.

Gabriel Pasqualini (Buenos Aires, Argentina): "It was said a lot about the new iMac since it hit the market las week. Some people said that it is similar to Luxo Jr. from Pixar, and thatīs how this idea came to me. Since I have to do a little short of 30 seconds for my animation school here at Buenos Aires, I choose to model and animate both, the new iMac and Luxo Jr. Here you have 2 fotos of the upcoming short. If you want you can use the material on your site, but please, mention my name and email. If you want to I can send you the short when finished." - Sweet! Sorry it took so long to post them Gabriel. I had some real network issues last week.

So what's the Scripting News Effect you ask? Well it's like this. Normally my site gets an average of 35 hits a day. When Dave links to me from Scripting I get around 300-500 a day! DOH! That's the Scripting News Effect!

Around the web

Richard Caetano has re-designed his web site. VERY NICE! The new design is totally clean looking, I for one love it! Is it CSS compliant Richard? That's the goal for my next re-design.

CNet News: AOL reportedly in talks to buy Red Hat. - This is interestings. We(Microsoft) should now be able to go out and buy someone like AT&T Wireless/Cable right? I'm not saying we should do that, but if it's real and it happens it would certainly open some interesting doors.

Scripting: "BTW, here's my commitment to interop. We will stop using the <font> tag in our script-generated HTML code." - BRAVO Dave! This is something I'd like to do for At The Core. Make sure it uses CSS!! Wich for now... uhhhh.... it doesn't. Ahem...

Microsoft: "COM and SOAP Pioneer Don Box Joins Microsoft " - We got Don Box to come to work for us? Interesting...


I wanted to say thanks to the UserLand gang, especially Dave and Scoble. I can't believe you stuck me on the credits page, wow!
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