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Friday, October 10, 2003

Way back machine - [4:40 PM]

Many, many moons ago I began life as a Basic programmer writing accounting software for farmers. At that time Microsoft Basic was a real piece of art to be quite honest. It was compiled to native x86 code and could be used with libraries written in Assembly or C. The other night I was searching for a Visio template I could use to create CD labels because most CD labeling software is pretty darned lame and I know how to use Visio, if I didn't find one I was going to make my own and share it. So I Googled for Visio CD labels, and kerpow, the first hit is exactly what I'm looking for. Great. So I start reading the little article and finally get around to reading who wrote it, a gentleman by the name of Ethan Winer. I thinking to myself, I know that name, then it hits me! Ethan Winer was one of the founders of Crescent Software. Crescent Software produced some of the BEST and fastest hand coded assembly routines for Basic programmers on the planet. We used a lot of their stuff at AgData and I loved it. So if you still write DOS code using Microsoft Basic, or QuickBasic, and you need some libraries to make your job easier look no further than Ethan.

Small world.
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Major Bummer for the net - [4:23 PM] "If they're not going to pony up and take a license under the patent, then they shouldn't be using it..." - Welcome to Internet 2.0, goodbye web browsers (for the time being), goodbye rich media (for the time being), hello confusion, and reversal of standards. I wonder if this is what patents were intended to do? Sheese...
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Move line of the week answer - [2:29 PM]

You're going to have to jump to Mr. Vore's site to get the answer.

Thanks for playing, and thanks again Steven for helping me out!
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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Ahhhh, fall - [2:31 PM]

MSN: "Top 10 Fall Foliage Spots" - I'd love to take a fall tour of the East at some point in my life. Fall is my favorite season.
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Movie line of the week??? - [2:15 PM]

Roll film!Hey there. Looks like the site is back up and running, big thanks to Mr. Edwards and a man that shall remain nameless (because he's an enigma and likes it that way, but he knows who he is!)

SO! Since my box was down and out Mr. Vore suggested he host Movie line of the week and I graciously accepted! Thanks Steven! So go visit him and take a guess.
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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Punkin' Time! - [10:43 PM]

Pumpkin Project is just a fun read for me. I love carving these little fellas with my girls.

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Surprise, surprise, surprise.... - [10:42 PM]

MSNBC: "Schwarzenegger wins in California" - WOW! I actually thought Davis would stick around for the rest of his term. Go figure.
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Thanks Steve - [10:21 PM]

Rodent Regatta: "As a user of Hosting Matters and their Bloggerzone hosting services, I can suggest them without reservation." - Thanks, I really appreciate the suggestion. I trust Steve without reservation, he's a gentleman to the core(no pun intended.) So if I ever need hosting services in the future I'll know where to go!

While I can't post this tonight; don't know what's going on with my box now, it looks like my DNS problems may soon be behind me, seriously. A friend sniffed out the problem and now someone at the other end needs to make a simple change and ATC should be back up and running.

No really... I'm not kidding.
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Pumpkin time! - [3:58 PM]

MSN: "Decorated Halloween Pumpkins Slide Show" - Nice pumpkin carving ideas from our friends at Better Homes and Gardens. Enjoy!
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Monday, October 06, 2003

Last post from the old office? - [11:20 AM]

A wonderful boquet of flowers.Good morning! I'm sitting in my office, the office I've worked from for the past 2.5 years. I'm sorting through things, throwing out stuff I no longer need. Old printouts, tons and tons of scrawl collected on old printouts. Mostly it's just a bunch of addresses and variable values written down while debugging something. I have lots and lots of books that need to be packed up. There are also a bunch of little trinkets and pictures of my family to pack away. Today the computers will walk out the door with me. I need to send them back to Seattle. I've been so busy with the new job I haven't had time to take care of these things and since I have today off I'll be able to get some of it started. I had to actually pay rent for another month! So I now have all of October to clear this place out. I'll do it a little at a time, as time permits. This will probably be my final post from this office and this computer. I'm calling SBC today and asking them to turn the phones off. It's all coming to an end. The ride is over, but I'm off to a new adventure.

My last day as a Microsoft employee was September 12th, 2003. I just wanted to make note of that because I'll forget it at some point.

Here's to the future, it's going to be a total blast!
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