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Friday, March 12, 2004

Remember this - [9:07 AM]

Scobleizer: "One thing. Microsoft is 55,000 people. We don't act and think and believe the same thing." - Microsoft, like any huge company, is full of super wonderful folks as well as rats that are in it for the wrong reasons. Long ago Bill Gates said something to the effect "We don't want to be like IBM". It's my understanding they always wanted to be nimble so they could adjust to market conditions. Well the honest truth is they've become just like the IBM of that day. Microsoft is running scared. The Linux 'threat' is real to them. People inside are frightened, of what I'm not sure, but they are.

I've seen what it's like on the inside. It's really screwy at times. When Visio was acquired I thought it was a great deal. Over the years the Microsoft generals crept into the woodwork and the once tight-knit group began to fall apart. The guys that could afford to retire did so, they were the lucky ones. As time went by we lost more and more folks. I'm not sure why but it seems that being an old-timer was actually a strike against you, like we were a bunch of morons. Microsoft is an odd beast and this story about involvement with SCO doesn't surprise me. Instead of leading the pack Microsoft is backed into a corner and they're attacking in any way they can. They're poised for a fall. It'll happen, who knows when but the signs are there.

That's my experience. I've heard from former Visio'ites that are perfectly happy in their new Microsoft groups. Like any other large company you have good and bad leadership. The Visio team leadership is pretty sorry at the tip top. At least two of the three are pretty useless. I'm rambling now...

I guess what I'm trying to say is you can't blame all of Microsoft for a few bad eggs.
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Has it been a year? - [8:43 AM]

Wow, time sure does fly doesn't it? One year ago today I chopped off four years worth of hair. DOH!
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Movie line of the week answer - [8:34 AM]

Looks like Da Moose gave up a good line. We received three guesses, all correct.

Our winner is Mr. Robert Dodd, congratulations Robert!

The correct answer is...

Take off aye!
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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Movie line of the week - [8:39 AM]

And.... ACTION!This weeks line comes from last weeks MLOTW winner, Mr. Moose. So the Moose is out of the running!

Here's the line, good luck...

I could crush your skull like a nut but I am not going to because I need you.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

Thanks Moose!
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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

A cancer to the game - [9:13 AM]

MSNBC W.O.W. : "Instead of accepting that he was a knucklehead, which is the only honorable thing to do, Owens has been crying steadily for two weeks." - I couldn't agree more. Terrell Owens is the kind of player that gives pro sports such a bad name. It's too bad they can't, or actually WON'T, kick him out of the game.
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A tease of spring - [8:48 AM]

It's ALMOST Spring!The San Joaquin Valley thinks it's spring. The fruit trees are beginning to blossom and folks are starting to run around in shorts. The temperature is expected to top 80 today.

This is pretty typical for this time of year. We'll have three to five days of wonderful weather followed by a storm all the way through the month of April. Remember that old saying "April showers bring May flowers." It couldn't be more true here in the valley.

This really is our spring. Before you know it it's going to be 100 degrees. One day it'll be 85, the next it'll be 100 and we won't look back until October. Enjoy our faux spring while you can, the next storm is lining up and ready to roll.
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The NT Kernel - [8:27 AM]

This morning I was doing my usual rounds and saw that Scoble had posted a couple of things on Longhorn(NT) and Linux. Those posts let me to have to say this... the NT Kernel is a rock. I'd strongly recommend that techies read Show Stopper! The book chronicles the death march to ship the first release of NT, dubbed NT 3.0. It's a fabulous read and you'll see firsthand why the teams chose to implement the security model they did, why they used LanMan networking, etc.

The core group that started the NT development effort were consummate professionals, outside the 'typical' Microsoft mold at the time. Dave Cutler is a master software craftsman, and curmudgeon, but he demands and expects perfection. At the core of XP/Win2k lies his baby, the NT Kernel. It was built to handle enterprise needs and run on many different platforms. Most of the problems lie in the layers built on top of it. Poorly written drivers are the bane of the OS, IIS was written post haste and caused all kinds of grief, and add users running with administrator privileges on top of that and you have a hackers dream. Hey, in the end the Blue Screen of Death IS YOUR FRIEND. It means the OS has detected someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing and commits suicide, yeah I know that overly simplistic but you get the point. It even leaves a trail for you to follow to the culprit so you can get someone to fix it!

I'm a huge fan of the NT Kernel and I probably always will be.
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