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Thursday, January 17, 2002

[6:06 PM]
Movie line of the day answer

Yesterday's movie line was from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It was an easy one because I was hoping more folks than my brother would take a guess. I got three answers right away. So those three will share the "prize". Tyler Love, Richard Caetano, and Cass McNutt are the winners! Yippee!

Random reads

Greg Franklin: "Bomps the cat thinks it's about a new creamy peanut-butter-flavor cat food, but he's wrong. In fact, it's really about .NET!" - I like Greg's site, that's why it's a frequented link! This entry has a nice picture of Bomps, Greg's cat, and info on .NET hitting the streets.

The Flangy News: "I wonder if he was on Visio before the acquisition or moved to it afterwards." - Hey Adam. I was part of the acquisition and just moved over. I joined Visio in May of 1992; it was called Axon Corp. then, I was employee #19.

Richard Caetano: "I know for a fact that my family and just about every other dairyman I know will not treat their herds the way they are describing it." - Richard and I both live in the San Joaquin Valley. This valley feeds the world. I think this must be a message to PETA? Richard grew up on a dairy and knows the day-to-day operations of one.

Visit Mike's Radio Blogifier. This dude is talented. Check out the completely cool Radio artwork!

Sun FUD campaign

It's begun. CNet likes to bash Microsoft, heck who doesn't, and now they've given Sun airtime to do it. Here's an interview with James Gosling the father of Java.
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[9:18 AM]
Movie line of the week.

Bueller, Bueller... Bueller?
Ok quick, what movie? Send your guesses here.

More questions than answers.

I'm very confused over my networking troubles. I can log into Blogger but when I click on the blog I'd like to edit I'm taken back to the home page? What gives? I'm betting it has something to do with our lovely proxy server but that's just a guess. It only seems to be an issue when I'm logged into the corporate network, thus my guess it's the proxy server. Why, why, why should that be a problem though? Anyone, hello, is anyone listening?

.NET and a laptop.

I was here late last night installing Visual Studio.NET. I was VERY excited about getting it on my box. I have a pet project I'd like to work on and I thought I'd explore C#. Well I was able to get the .NET runtimes installed along with the C# compiler that's included with it, but when it came time to install the Visual Studio.NET IDE and languages I found that I didn't have enough drive space! DOH!

Man is that frustrating. I have enough drive space on the installation drive but I guess you have to have at least 500MB of free drive space on your OS drive. For what I have no idea, maybe .NET system files? Looks like I'm going to have to burn my laptop to the ground so I can reconfigure my drives into one large partition so I'll have enough drive space. Major bummer. Hopefully I'll get it installed SOON! I'm looking forward C#!

On Security

So it's big news that Bill wants us to focus on security. That's not really news to us inside Microsoft. We've had enough press about security issues. BlackHoleBrain has a viewpoint that I'm sure many folks have. So my question to you is what do you think we do here all day, think up ways to screw you? That's about as far from the truth as it gets. I can speak for myself, and I'll even speak for my product group, we come in here everyday and work at building robust, scalable, and SECURE software. Yep I said secure in that last sentence. It's actually a BIG focus even within the tiny Visio group. Since we became a part of Microsoft our product is more visible than ever before. The group of people working on it hasn't changed significantly, we have some new folks but the core group is the same. Yet people think our software will somehow magically suck now that it's a part of MS. Strange but true. Is this an angry post? No not at all. People are just frustrated by security issues and I can't blame them.

A good friend of mine recently said "There's no WAY to write secure code." I know what he means. We can work all day to create secure software but there are smart devious people in the world that can always figure out a way to break into it. Now having said that I must say that we work very hard in the Visio group to prevent the possibility of security breaches in the code. It's was a top priority long before Bill sent out his e-mail.

We're not the only company that faces security issues. All companies do. Sun and Oracle (sorry can't find the link to the story, crap! if anyone knows where the article about the 9i security holes is please forward it to me, thanks) have been in the news recently because of security holes in their software. The larger the company, the more press we get, and stupid challenges put forth by execs just open the door for hackers. MS just happens to have a large target painted on it's forehead.


So I see I'm not the only person that wants a Radio Mug! I've been buggin' Scoble about this for a while now! I would proudly sip my coffee from it.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

[6:23 PM]
Little Brother
Does someone want to help my brother build a Pharmacokinetics calculator for the PalmOS? I have the code that does all the necessary math, Jay and I pounded it out during an afternoon coding session a couple of years back. Really all you need to do is build a UI for the stinking thing! He wants to track stuff in a database as well, right Jay? Anyway you can send him e-mail from his site if you're interested.

Blogger trouble???

Is anyone else having trouble logging into blogger? I certainly am! I wonder if it's this network?
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[2:10 PM]
Good Afternoon y'all

I've been abusing my blog today, due to weird network stuff. Time for an entry now that I can login.

Nothing too exciting to report on here in the Northwest today. I had my usual trip to Monorail Espresso this morning and had wonderful Thai food with my boss for lunch. We managed to talk about all things Visio, that's not bad by the way.

Tip of the day

My network problems were due to a mistake I'd made when installing Windows XP. I decided to keep Win2k and install XP on a different drive so I could boot into either, seems reasonable. Well it's reasonable as long as you DO NOT USE the same machine name again! Say what! Yep that's what had goofed me up, well not me but the trust relationship between my machine and the domain controller. Bottom line when installing two OS's side by side, use a different machine name. That is unless you want to spend the better part of an hour on the phone with helpdesk repairing the damage. Thank God for people that know how to fix these kinds of problems! I didn't have the slightest clue what was going on. 'Nuff said.

More on Radio

I don't know if you've done it yet but I registered my copy of Radio last night. I don't need another 20+ days to decide if I want to keep it. It's a definate keeper. Yes, yes I know I need to start using it for this site. Hold your horses, I will, I WILL! I'm thinking it's time for a site re-design, maybe a CSS-only redesign. Yes... I think that'll do just fine. We'll see if I can actually figure out how to do it.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

[6:53 PM]
Just demo'd Radio

I just had a friend come down and ask to see a demo of Radio, and made a new friend in the process! Two Radio converts? Maybe... just maybe. The Radio word is spreading like wild fire. Maybe they'll become Radio users maybe not. One thing is clear; they'll probably both have blogs soon! Blogging is just like crack, once you've tried it you can't stop doing it. I'm a blogging fool and I know it. Hey at least I'm doing this and NOT smoking crack, right?

Manila-Blogger Bridge Tool

Drat! I did a quick drawing for Dave and someone out did me! DOH! Hey I hope you used the right tool for the job, namely Visio. It is a pretty picture, BTW. See it over there to the right, nice isn't it!

Hey I've seen that before

I thought I was the only person in the world that had seen the Folder "" Not Found dialog in Radio. I guess it's the number one FAQ for Radio 8. It's totally harmless. My copy of Radio continues to run just fine and I've only seen the message once. So if you see that message don't worry it's not the end of the world!

It's a Radio world

Have you looked at recently? It's a Radio world! WOW, I'm impressed! Did you guys really expect it to take off like this? You're supposed to answer a question like that this way...

Why you silly man, of course we did!

Then laugh!
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[8:57 AM]
Good Mornin' Seattle

I arrived in Seattle on Sunday evening, but due to network problems I didn't talk about it yesterday. Every visit to Seattle turns into a food fest, seriously. When I'm here I have to visit all my favorite restaurants. When you live somewhere for five years you get spoiled to the good things it has to offer. Each and every morning starts out with a trip to Monorail Espresso, Seattles first espress cart, on Fifth and Pike. The coffee is without a doubt the best I've ever had.

Yesterday's eats included a trip to Happy Teriyaki, on Fifth Avenue. We affectionately call it Slappy! I had Hot and Spicy Chicken with Gyoza, YUM! We were going to have World Class Chili in the Market but it's closed 'il January 21. Drat!

Today's eats? Who knows?

More Radio

The work continues for UserLand even though they kicked Radio out the door last Friday. Dave has hooked it into Blogger's API! Very cool.

Scripting News: "We also added a callback so developers can hook into Post events as well." - Bravo! What else can you do with this thing? Looks like the surface is just beginning to get scratched. I was wondering if you could hook ASP pages into Radio, maybe, just maybe you can? Why? Well I'd image someone out there would want to do it, right?

XBox Hangover

Dan and I played XBox for six hours straight last night, I didn't get back to the hotel until 1AM(yawn). We ordered pizza, went to his place, and tore up Halo bad guys 'til we couldn't see straight. Halo is a KILLER XBox game! The game play is very exciting and some of the lines kicked out by the computer players, and bad guys as well, are just laugh out loud hilarious! If you like shoot 'em up bang-bang type games this is a good one to try. I wouldn't recommend it for young kids however, it is quite violent, bloody, and has a bit of questionable language.
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Monday, January 14, 2002

[11:19 AM]

Here I sit in the Seattle office of the worlds largest software company and I can't get two machines sitting two feet from each other to communicate! I've been struggling all morning with this. It took my laptop over two hours to get on the network and now I cannot for the life of me get it to see other boxes. Sigh... At least I can send and receive e-mail.

So the post I had originally planned to post is sitting on the other box, two feet away, and I just don't have it in me to retype it. I'll post it when the machines can actually talk.

I really need to get my Radio template setup to look like this page so I can start using it! Just not enough time in the day right now. When I'm in Seattle my days are always busy.
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