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Friday, June 07, 2002

[5:55 AM]
Movie line of the week answer

This weeks movie line was from the movie Batman. Our friend The Joker said it.

Our winner is Mr. Richard Caetano. Congratulations Richard!

Off to see the Mouse

We're headed to Disneyland as soon as I post this message. See y'all Monday!
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Thursday, June 06, 2002

[3:56 PM]

It's even worse than it appears.
Read Scripting News, or the cactus gets it!

Okay, okay so maybe not. I've always liked the Southwest feel of UserLand, and Scripting. I like the cactus in particular. Just thought I'd mess with it a bit. No offense Dave!
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[9:19 AM]
Frustrated by lack of broadband?

MSNBC: "How a group of neighbors built their own high-speed network " - This is a GREAT idea. I wonder how much interest there would be in Exeter to do something like this? I doubt our phone company, Verizon, will EVER stop dragging it's heals and Charter Communications isn't much better. I'd heard, through the small town grapevine, we'd have broadband through Charter but it's never materialized.

So who want's to pony up some cash so we can install some hardware in the phone company's switching station?

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[7:58 AM]
Cut, cut, cut!Movie line of the week

You've been waiting patiently, thank you.

Wait'll they get a load of me.
Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

Brothers new web site

Hey Jay! If you're reading this check out your new Fahrni.US site, should be up and running. Enjoy!
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Wednesday, June 05, 2002

[3:22 PM]
You've got to be kidding?

ESPN: "Nader wants NBA to review West's Game 6" - Dear Mr. Nader, Please find something more important to work on. Clearly you have too much time on your hands. Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen.
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[12:52 PM]
Wednesday is BAD

Quote of the day: "Thursdays are better." - Mr. David P. Cole, Genius.

Bringin' in the harvest

Crabapple harvest It's harvest time. Time to pick ripe crabapples and the like.

Of course I'm probably going to change the location of RobWorld, along with the name, once I get a sub-domain up on Caution, there be dragons here.
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[12:21 PM]
Thinking? Uhhhhh....

Cass McNutt: "Been thinking a lot lately about types of thinking" - I tried thinking once, it didn't take. Cass if you don't stop thinking soon your brain is going to explode. So, I'd encourage you to do like me and STOP thinking immediately!

Cass is one of those guys that absolutely loved Lotus Agenda. Is that a thinking mans tool?

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[9:18 AM]
Good Mornin!
Grab a cup o' Joe, start your morning right!
Slow start to the morning. The build managed to bust last night due to a configuration change, that means it's going to be a while before I can do "real" work on my code. Translation: that stinks! When you have a large product and the build doesn't go as planned it can really put damper on your productivity, but whatcha' gonna do? You live with it. It gives you an excuse to go grab another cup of coffee and look into stuff you've been putting off.

Fahrni world domination!

Between my brother and I we've managed to snag the domain and the Fahrni.US(Him) domain! World domination is just around the corner. Funny thing is once you've snagged a domain with your name in it should you go about changing over to it? I love my Crabapples.Net blog. Should I move it to Fahrni.WS, or should it stay here? I think it should stay here under Crabapples.Net. I should turn my site into a Radio based blog, yea that's the ticket!

XP SP-1 in the news

ZDNet: "XP Service Pack 1 targets politics, not users" - Whatever will help get us out of litigation, I'm all for it! Is anyone keeping track of how much money it's sucking out of all parties involved? I know it's A LOT, but does anyone have exact numbers for all involved? What is it taking out of my pocket as a California taxpayer? Just curious.

Lan party

I have a friend that is hosting a fairly large Lan Party on June 23. You're all invited! Okay maybe not ALL of you, but there's still room for 12 more folks. It should be a good time. Hey Scoble, you reading this? Want to take a road trip and bring Mr. Pirillo with you? Apparently there's a contingent of folks coming from San Jose!
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Tuesday, June 04, 2002

[9:25 AM]
Please allow me to introduce...

I'd like to welcome Mr. Jeff Gilbert to the weblog world. As you can see Jeff is a Macintosh hack, I'm green with envy, and has started a blog on Cocoa(Apple's Objective-C Application Framework).

Please stop by and see what he's up to. I'll be a frequent visitor, you can be sure of that.

New blog discovery

This morning on I noticed a blog I'd never seen before, so of course I clicked the link! The reason it caught my eye was the name, Rhino News Network. I was thinking about the Rhino 3D modeling software but it doesn't appear to be about that. That's ok! It's a beautiful site and quite easy to read. Remember sometimes less is more.
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Monday, June 03, 2002

[2:56 PM]
More tea anyone?

On Friday I mentioned that Disney's Internet Group used their own home baked tool called Tea to maintain the Go web portal. Apparently the code is still hanging around. [hat tip Josh Lucas].
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[12:46 PM]
I hate patents, but....

Well, well, well. I may finally agree with a patent on computing technology! Apparently our wonderful patent system has granted a patent on pop-under ads! Yep, that's right, someone has filed a patent on the 'technology' behind those most annoying ads we see under our browsers. The reason I agree with the patent is because it will force folks to stop using them or pay a fee. I think they're really quite annoying so I'd love to see them go away, period. Check out the quote from the company's CEO.

"The importance of this is that pop-unders have become the flagship offering of the major portals. Our ultimate hope is that we would bring our licensees to all agree to a standard for behavior for these ads that would be palatable for the surfers out there." - [via]
Did he really say palatable?
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[8:31 AM]
All Star Friday

East All-Star lineupFriday night was the nine to 11 year-old girls East vs. West All-Star game. The contest was hard fought. The East girls struck first with a couple of runs in the second inning but the West battled right back. In the third inning the West struck hard with four runs to put them on top.

The East was down 7-3 with one final chance to win all the marbles. Pitching had been extremely good all evening, remember these kids are between nine and 11 years old. In their final at bat, with two outs, the East managed to score five runs. Unfortunately it was mostly on walks; which, as a coach, is something I DO NOT encourage. You don't want to win by walking around the bases, but that's how it ended.

There's still hope...

There's still some hope and love in this world.

I support you!

Scripting News: "Suppose a really big company like Microsoft, for example, decided to get behind what we're doing." - I think you're doing a fine job Dave! Keep pluggin' away!
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