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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Tired of hotel food? - [8:06 PM]

You can only eat so much hotel food. Especially since The EdgeWater tried to go upscale and goof up their menu. You can't even get a simple sandwich. Sheese...

So tonight I'm dining at Chez Gus just up the street, at Pier 70. A good friend recommended it, says the pizza is very good. It's worth a shot and it'll be a nice walk. It's not cold and last I checked it wasn't raining, but that wouldn't stop me tonight! No more hotel food, ick!
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Monday, March 03, 2003

Lost in Seattle - [10:10 AM]

Posting will be light this week. I'm in Seattle away from my usual routine, I'm a creature of habit. I feel so disconnected without my RSS feeds. I didn't realize I had become so dependent on them, weird.
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Sunday, March 02, 2003

Long weekend - [7:50 PM]

Friday night we left Exeter at 5:00 to head to Tracy, CA. Our youngest had a volleyball tournament on Saturday and since it started at 7AM and it's a three hour drive we needed to get there the night before. Our oldest daughter didn't make the trip because she had a softball tournament on Saturday as well, nanna stayed with her. Thanks Nanna!

It was a busy weekend. The girls were seeded 12th, they were unknowns, and to the chagrin of their opponents they're very good. They never had to play three games all day. Two and win, that is until the finals. In the finals the girls met their match. For the first time they lost a game, then the match. They're good and they'll bounce back. They're just getting started, this was their first tournament as a team. Good all around, tiring, but good.

We arrived home Saturday night around 10:00, hopped in bed got up this morning around 6:30 for church, zipped back home, had lunch, packed and now I'm in Seattle sitting at my desk getting a build started so I can work tomorrow. Long tiring weekend.

Oh, if you're ever in Tracy and need a good cup o' joe to get the brain cells working try Zizzos on 10th. The coffee is fantastic and they have wireless!
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