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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Managed code airplane? - [9:32 AM]

Live @ Sax.Net: "A team at Cornell University is flying unmanned airplanes using Embedded XP, C# and components from our Connected Framework." - I re-discovered Mike Sax yesterday while following a link from Scoble. I've been a fan of this guys work for years and almost approached the company for a job many moons ago. It's nice to see he has a weblog, and it looks like home brewed blogging software?
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Movie line of the week. - [9:14 AM]

Roll film!I've been bachin' it this week and my-oh-my has the week flown by! I'm seriously ready for my family to get back home. Tomorrow, just one more day. So I may announce the winner EARLY since I'll have to be outta the house by around 5-5:30AM to make the journey to Oakland.

So let's get on with it!

I don't understand. All my life I've been waiting for someone and when I find her, she's... she's a fish.

Ok, quick, what movie! Send your guesses here.

Come on you know you know it, it's super easy.
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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

GOF = two films? - [2:53 PM]

Harry Potter and The Goblet of FireBBC News: "David Heyman said pre-production on The Goblet Of Fire was proving so lengthy it might be too much for a single movie." [via HPANA] - I kind of expected this to happen. Goblet of Fire is an absolutely amazing story and I can't see how it could be told in one film, well it could be shortened but why would you want to? The big question in my mind is how will it be divided? Where's a good dividing line in the book? What dramatic thing mid way through could possibly make for a good ending? It'll be interesting to see what's seen as a good stopping point for that film. My only hope is they release them close enough so we don't have to wait two years for GOF part two. Take the Matrix approach and release them six months apart. One in the spring, around May, and one in November. That would make for a VERY interesting movie season. What would make it even more interesting? Why not release the Video/DVD for GOF part one days before the opening of GOF part two in theatres!

Here's my list of stuff that's a MUST HAVE in the fourth film
  • The Riddle House - One thing that makes book four so different is where it starts!

  • The Quidditch World Cup - This should be visually stunning and a fun adventure.

  • Hagrid giving away the first task - Why? Because of what we'll get to see. Besides, it's Hagrid...

  • Mad Eye moody zappin Malfoy - Malfoy is a little creep, 'nuff said.

  • The Pensive - Because it's cool.
There's more, so much more.
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Amazing morning - [11:20 AM]

This morning when I awoke I immediately flipped on the TV, which was tuned to CNN. I was shocked to see Iraqi's gathered around a statue of Saddam Hussein trying to topple it. What an amazing site! This is the scenario we'd hoped for all along. People are no longer scared. Living in fear has to make for a horrible existence. I know it's far from over but the scene this morning was very encouraging. What a day for the people of Iraq!

So what will Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf have to say?
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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Blogging tools - [11:06 AM]

StronglyTyped: "I would love to take the time to build this vision. Problem is I'm buried with 'work' work." - I have the same problem. I'd like a better blogging tool but don't have the time to go off and create it.
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I wonder? - [10:50 AM]

Last night when I got home I immediately turned on the TV, sat down and started flipping between CNN and The National Championship game. That's what I did until the game was over. I've become addicted to the live war coverage. A thought hit me last night as I watched American tanks roll onto a bridge in Baghdad and begin to swivel their turrets. Are they tuned into CNN while sitting there? Why that thought? Because while I was watching it looked like they figured out where the al-Jazeera cameras were located and opened fire on them! Maybe it was coincidence? I know after that camera position went down they switched to one from the other side of the river and all hell broke loose behind the downed camera position. Maybe they were being sniped? Then again maybe sly cameramen should get the heck outta Dodge because you never know where we're going to strike!

I've also noticed we haven't seen Iraq's Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, this morning. Was he in the building we hit yesterday afternoon? Only time will tell. These guys are like Teflon, not even a bombing can stick to them.
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Monday, April 07, 2003

It's a beautiful morning! - [10:18 AM]

Yessir.... it's a great day. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Spring has arrived in our little valley. We had some blustery weather over the past few days but it looks like today could be a good one!

I dropped Kim and the girls off at Oakland International yesterday. They flew jetBlue for the first time and I'm wondering how the experience was. I've asked our youngest to give me a report on the quality of the television service. Since I'm bachin' it this week I'll be doing all the stuff I can't normally get away with at home. The living room will become my own personal flop space and I'll watch entirely too much CNN and sports. Tonight I'll actually get to watch the entire National Championship game! I'll be playing ball tomorrow night and I'll probably go catch a friends game on Wednesday night if I can manage it. On the flip side they'll be home by Friday, which is great! A week apart is not bad, two is horrible, and anything beyond that gets depressing.

Say what?

So has anyone been keeping up with comments issued by Iraq's Information Minister? Is this guy just plain silly or do they actually have a real plan up their sleeve? I guess the big question is do they have chemical or biological weapons pointed at Baghdad? Are there nukes planted around the city ready to detonate on command? Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf seems to be full of hot air, but you never know with nutters like him. They may do something really, really stupid if they feel pinned down.

I'll give him this much, the dude has guts coming out on the street this morning to issue the above statement. I was pinned to CNN last night watching a drone fly over the city followed by A-10's and an attack on central Baghdad. I know it's a big city but it took guts to walk out on the street.
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